Want a space to call your own?  


An open concept workspace with white washed walls and wood pillars, concrete floors, large airy windows, a sky-high ceiling, and 6 premium-grade matte black treatment tables that act as anchors for the space. Flow and function thoughtfully designed with the artist and client in mind.


Fixed Workstations 


With a dedicated workstation just for you, you’ll be working amongst the good and great of Toronto’s emerging talent with all the necessities required to be your best. Each station comes equipped with motorized treatment tables, lockable storage cabinets, hydraulic stools, daylight lamps, and handheld mirrors. 


All Access


Unfettered access during operating hours — 9am to 9pm, 7-days per week. 




  • High-speed, secured WiFi.

  • Security and Automation system.

  • Landline for outgoing and incoming calls related to business.

  • Custom made LED backlit floor length mirrors.

  • Separate sinks for hand washing and tools.

  • Portable LED light fixture to enhance photos for portfolio.

  • PPE and sterilization products available for purchase. 


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